What Does Our Community Diabetes Educator Do?

What Does Diabetes HB Inc.’s Community Educator Do?

We are keen to continue working with the work fit joint presentations and to establish a series of education presentations & initiatives to schools & community groups on diabetes prevention & healthy living  as well as the following:


§  Provide information & advice to people with diabetes, their families/whanau & carers.


§  Provide education on prevention, management of diabetes & self-management strategies as required.


§  Maintain liaison with other groups, advancing diabetes prevention & management initiatives, Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs.


§  Work alongside local nurse educators/specialists, District Health Board (DHB) and other organisations.


§  Provide succinct, easily understood articles for publication, to keep members abreast of diabetes prevention initiatives.


§  Maintain regular contact with health professionals, diabetes clinics and peer organisations on diabetic issues.


§  Gather & highlight issues related to diabetes in the wider community/iwi.


§  Represent Diabetes Hawkes Bay Inc. & its interests to relevant health professional groups.


§  Deliver on agreed plans to keep those groups up-to-date with Diabetes Hawkes Bay Inc. services & capabilities.


§  Contribute to the growth of membership of Diabetes Hawkes Bay Inc.


§  Avoid giving specific clinical recommendations, instead, encourage clients to seek the assistance of their usual health care provider


§  Facilitate clients/members access to relevant services & agencies

§  Ensure that client/members records are kept in compliance with legal requirements of privacy & confidentiality.


§  Up-load blood glucose results from blood glucose meters & control solution testing.


§  Manage referrals from GP & Practice Nurses.


§  Providing free resources to the general public and HCP’s.


§  Provide advocacy for improved local & national diabetes services.


§  Provide foot checks and assessment for further treatment by a GP or Podiatrist.